Let your past become your magic, not your oppressor.

I had a conversation with someone a few weeks ago about the anger they held toward a parent for something that was done in the past.

Here was my response...

"This may or may not annoy you - but let it soak in and just hear me out.

There comes a time where we have to become the ruler and creator of our own lives and break away from the stories that keep us hostage to our past.

It’s your choice. To stay in it or leave in behind.

Each time you speak of it, whether to your friends, family, or even your therapist, begin to allow yourself to let go of those old stories.

Little by little, let go of the attachments to them. Such as you’re owed an apology or an explanation. Because the truth is - you’re not. You're not owed anything in this life. Ouch. I know. It may feel good but it's not necessary for healing to take place. Nor is forgiveness.

Let go of the expectation you have around needing something before you can move on. All you need is you. You don’t need permission. The permission lies within you.

You are the creator of you current reality. This is where you are now. In the present moment. Own your power and move mountains.

And even though it may seem completely contradictory right now, forgive yourself and your past.

Then express gratitude. For you are who you because of your past.

Your passion, kindness, compassion and your gifts have been awakened because of your experiences.

This doesn’t mean what happened to you was ok, but it has happened, and now it’s about it becoming your magic and not your oppressor." 

The harder you try, the more you will fail at it. Here's why.

It’s heartbreaking to see how many beautiful souls walk around feeling unloved.

Do you see it too?

You can see it in their eyes. The eyes tell you everything.

Perhaps this is you too.

So many of us spend every waking moment trying to fit in, be seen, feel heard, and just be loved.

The constant voices in our heads don’t let us move forward. We hear “you’re not good enough”, “ you need to work harder”, or “you won’t be accepted anyway”.

The worst one of them all is “you don’t deserve it”.

These voices so easily become second nature and convince you that you’re unlovable, right?

It sends you to this sad but familiar place.

It tortures you.

It mocks you.

It blames you.

It keeps you stuck.

Then the cycle perpetuates.

For just about all of us it comes from childhood.

It became “real” that moment you felt left out, hurt, abandoned, bullied, or abused in some way.

It became ingrained the next time something similar occurred.

So you now try even harder to feel loved by others in an effort to escape the void that was created when you were just a child.

You try harder to climb up to the top because you think that’ll do it.

You try harder to put yourself out there because you think it’ll get you seen.

You try harder to appear perfect because you think it’ll bring you the love you seek.

You see, love, it doesn’t work that way.

The harder you try, the more you will fail at it.

The void needs to be filled by you. Nothing and no-one outside of you will do.

That’s why the new job doesn’t make you happy anymore.

That’s why the person you’re dating doesn’t make you happy anymore.

That’s why that new toy you bought for yourself doesn’t make you happy anymore.

You keep looking outside of yourself.

What you so deeply desire is already within you.

You already have the love you seek.

Feel into your heart right now.

Place your hands on your heart and just feel into it. Notice the warmth, the acceptance, the happiness, and the love.

Allow it to radiate throughout the rest of your body.

Do you feel that?

That’s what you’ve been seeking.

You already have it within you.

You’re already good enough.

You’re already seen.

You’re already accepted.

You’re already loved.

Simply because you exist.

I’m so glad you do.

Do You Love Yourself Enough?

“When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small.  My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.”
– Kim McMillen

I always had trouble with the word LOVE, especially with loving myself. My husband would say I had an icebox as a heart because I didn't let anyone in. Why did I have trouble? Well, my parents didn't seem to know what it was either so I never learned what is was or what it felt like. What is love and how do I get it? I often asked. This is not a stab at my parents, although for many years I held onto this bitter anger towards them. I blamed them while feeling as though I was not good enough and didn't deserve love. I realize now they did what they could with what they knew. However, it took me over 30 years to come to this realization.

You see, I was the type of kid whom would bring home A's all the time and it didn't seem to be good enough. Now when I say "enough" I mean enough for me. I felt like I had to do more to gain what I hoped would be love. Even though I didn't know what the hell it was! What I was looking for was not only love, but acceptance. I can say this easily now because of all the work that I have done on myself and continue to do so.

So, what happens when you search for love and acceptance? Well, you find it in all the wrong places and all the wrong people. You try to please everyone so that you are liked by everyone while drowning yourself in unhealthy activities so you don't think about it. I'm sure many can relate.

As I set out to find self-love I learned more and more about myself. So how did I do it? Below are a few steps that I took as I began my journey of self-love. Maybe it'll help you.

  • Acceptance: I first had to accept that I needed to change. I had to accept that I often felt guilt when doing something for someone else and not because I wanted to. I had to accept that I needed to be needed. I began to make connections as to why I behaved the way I did and how my past affected me. Most of all, I had to accept myself for who I was, not for who I thought I needed to be.
  • Allowing feelings to rise without judging them: I let myself feel my pain without judging it. This was hard! Immediately my "you're weak if you cry" thoughts set in. I just didn't. I never showed my emotions - unless you were one of the few privileged who saw it. I allowed myself to feel and just understand my feelings. I didn't stay there. That's not good either, but, until I allowed myself to feel the pain, hurt, or anger, there was no moving forward.
  • Exploding through the victim mentality/Forgiving creators and those that trigger anger or resentment: This was probably one of the hardest. Not only did I need to forgive those that helped in the creation of my difficulty with loving myself, but I also had to forgive those that triggered it. Boy, was that quite a few people! For me, it was a matter of releasing the victim role and blaming everyone else and also giving myself the power to change. I didn't necessarily go to each person and forgive them but I did release the emotional attachment held between me and this person. "I forgive you, and as a result, I set myself free". How empowering. How did I know this worked? Well, if I thought of the person and anger set in, I knew I still had work to do. If I thought of the person and I didn't feel anything, I knew I was on the right track.
  • Unlearning current beliefs/challenging thoughts: I began to write a list of how I looked at myself and focused my attention on how I spoke about myself to others and how I spoke to myself. I made quite a few discoveries here. I realized that I talked about myself so negatively. How could I begin to love myself if I continued to repeat negative comments about myself? These thoughts were deep-rooted within my subconscious. As I listened closely, I caught myself and was able to challenge those negative beliefs. "I'm not good enough, I'm not worth it", "I need to be thinner or look a certain way", or "I have to make a certain amount of money". My overused belief was "once I finish this, then I can take care of myself". All of it needed to go! This takes time however. It's not something that changes from one day to the next, but it can be changed. I looked at it as a trait and not a state, therefore it could be changed. I wrote down my core beliefs and changed them to reflect positive ones to change the junk I was telling myself.
  • Taking care of all parts of myself: For me, this meant not only looking at my physical body but my emotional, mental and spiritual sides of me. It's all interconnected after all. I was always a very physically fit person. I remember being called "diesel" in middle school and throughout high school because I was very active. I hated that name, but taking care of myself physically was important. It wasn't until last year, after a car accident, that I was forced to look at other parts of myself. I had practiced yoga for a few years and loved it, but for me it was just another physical activity. Another thing I needed to master. After my accident I couldn't run anymore which was my passion - and lifting weights - forget about it! It was too painful. I played "victim" for a while but as my friends and clients will confirm, I believe that things happen for a reason. We have free will of course but when there is something we need to look at, within ourselves, the signs get stronger. I still struggle with pain today but I keep moving. So pay attention to repetitive thoughts or things various people tell you. Maybe you have been recommended a certain book from several people or have an annoying little voice telling you to go work out or eat healthier. If so, there's something there for you. Something you need to listen to.

    I now practice yoga for balance as opposed to it being a contest (with myself), I eat healthier to clear my body of toxins, and I cry when I need to. I allow myself to feel what hurts and then move on as opposed to moving on and acting like I never hurt in the first place. I write - which let me tell you is not the norm for me. Even as I write this I am feeling vulnerable and that is not who I have been. Ever. However, I am working through it as it is a part of my journey. I learned about energy healing work to help myself with balancing my energy centers and working through deeper issues. Oh how I've fallen in love with energy healing work. I also allow myself to recharge - alone. I've found that as an empath, and due to the nature of my job, I need to be alone to release and reconnect. I now give myself "recharge" days and don't feel guilty for it any longer.
  • Cutting my friends list: This was a big one for me and super difficult! I was always someone who had plenty of friends and not enough time to spend with them all. Why? Well, I always said yes. I'd also like to think I was pretty fun to be around, as was confirmed on several occasions, but I realized most of my yes' on invitations were out of guilt. I didn't really want to go but I felt that had I said no, I would not be loved anymore. Over the past two years I've done a lot of work as to figuring out who I want in my life and how. I began to set boundaries. I reduced time spent with those that were too negative, in my eyes, and just brought me down as well as those that only wanted to stop by my office, text me, or spend time with me when they needed to solve a personal issue. I began to surround myself with those that truly loved me for who I was. Those that I could truly be myself around and not feel judged. I released those from my life that I constantly sought out but it always seemed to be one-sided. If it wasn't reciprocated, then they were released. Now don't get me wrong, life is crazy busy - especially for me - so I know that spending time with a friend may happen monthly at best. Probably bimonthly or longer for me (I did tell you I was trying to change the world earlier right?), but if I'm the only one initiating then you've got to go. It's clear where I stand and that's not acceptable for me any longer.
  • Doing what I love, not what's expected: This is huge! There are so many expectations set for us from birth. "Oh she's going to be the doctor in the family", or "he's going to become a lawyer". It's also set by society. "Women don't go into construction or become officers of the law". If you are someone who yearns to be accepted, you tend to follow social norms to please others, not realizing how much damage you cause to yourself. That's how I wasted my time getting my bachelor’s degree in business only to realize that I hated it and had to go back for my masters in counseling. Be true to yourself and do what you love. Ask yourself "what am I passionate about, what do I spend hours doing without realizing that hours flew by?" Then do it! Don't think about it, just do it. The universe has your back.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Allow love in! Practice this by giving more to yourself. More love, more compassion, and more forgiveness. Speak to yourself the way you want to be spoken to. Love yourself the way you want to be loved and take care of yourself the way you want to be taken care of. Put yourself first. I had a hard time with this as I'm the "mama bear" when it comes to my siblings, close friends, or family. I realized though, that unless I put myself first I would not be able to take care of others. It is not selfish. It is self-full. There's a reason why they tell you to put the mask on yourself first before you apply the mask on someone else in an airplane. Not only do you want to practice loving yourself, don't forget to let others love you. Open the door and let those that deserve to love you to love you. You deserve it.
  • Balance! This is key. Each day I try to make sure that I balance my life. By that I mean, not overextending at work, home or with a certain person. You don't want to tip the scale. Any extreme is not healthy.

Of course this takes time and consistent work, but as I have worked on myself I see myself, and the world, a bit brighter - sparkling. Did I mention I like sparkly things? :)

What about you? What changes have you made towards working on yourself? I'd love to hear it!

Break Up With Your Pesky Habits Now.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Tony Robbins”

Imagine this… It's the beginning of the new year and you are ready to lose those 10 pounds you put on during holidays and maybe this is something you do each new year and you finally tell yourself "what's the point, I can't stick to it anyway". Ugh, right!? Who can feel me on this?

Maybe you get to work a few minutes late every day and you want to work on being on time. Maybe you have attempted to quit smoking and seem to do great the first few weeks and then you catch yourself with friends, at a party, who offer you a smoke. Or, for some of you, it may come from a doctor who tells you that you need to let go of a nasty habit you have come to have a love/hate relationship with. What do you do? How you do make habits stick???

Here are some ways that may be helpful for you when it comes to learning how to make habits stick. We all know how difficult it can be. I've been there a million times myself. So here goes.

  1. Identify Reasons For Prior Habits Not Sticking
    Are you doing this for yourself or someone else? If you are stopping a habit for another person, chances are that you may not succeed as you are not truly vested in changing the habit for yourself. Also, pay attention to the reasons that you have not allowed a change to take place in the past.

    Are you afraid of who you may become when you have succeeded? Are you afraid of success, failing? I see this with a lot of my clients in counseling and in hypnotherapy. I often hear, "I am afraid I won't be the same person when I lose the weight". I also hear "people may not like me anymore" or "what do I do when I have succeeded?". When you can identify the reasons for the self-sabotage you can work on it and then move forward.
  2. Create One Or Two Goals
    If you follow my articles you know that I am HUGE on creating one or two goals and then working on those. If you make a ton of goals for yourself, you will not stick to them. Instead you will become overwhelmed and will not complete any of your goals only feeling like crap later. Then the guilt sets in for not having achieved your goal. Let's break this cycle. How? Create a list of all the goals you want to work on, pick the top one or two and focus only on those. Once you have achieved those goals, THEN, choose another one or two goals. Start small. This will lead to bigger and better progress.
  3. Focus On Today
    When we finally pick a goal we want to work on we obsess over how that will look weeks ahead. We worry about how it will affect us at the next party, next vacation, or when we are around those that we used to partake in the nasty habit(s) with. STOP! You can only focus on today. Instead of focusing on how changing your habit will affect you weeks ahead, focus on today.

    This is the only day you have control over. In other words, when you pick a goal(s), then work backwards from there. What can you do each day to get to that ultimate goal? Focus on today as tomorrow is a different day and there is no need to live there yet. Living in the future will only cause more stress. Live for today. Ask yourself "what can I do today to reach my goal today".
  4. Release All Or Nothing Thinking/Be Compassionate
    How many times have we all said "F*** it" when we started to work on a goal and then found ourselves taking a smoke, eating that piece of pie, or checking your work email when you told yourself you wouldn't. Just because you had an "oops" moment, it doesn't mean you have to eat crappy for the rest of the day or continue to check the rest of your emails.

    This is where you want to be compassionate with yourself. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't tell a friend in the same situation that they blew it and should just continue with the habit. If a friend would not say that to you, or you to a friend, why would you say that to yourself? If they do say this to you, then you may want to re-look at that friendship, but that's another story. Back to my original point - It's perfectly okay to make a mistake, that is how we learn! Just get back up and move forward. You do have control over this.
  5. Make It Fun And Reward Yourself
    To break a bad habit, it's helpful to reward yourself for engaging in the positive behavior. Changing habits or working on new goals does not have to be boring. We make it boring. If you chose to give up nail biting, get manicures to help with the nail biting. This is a good "week long" reward but it is two-fold - in this case, it is helping you stop the habit of nail biting but also gives you a reward.

    When rewarding yourself, rewards work best if they are on the same day that you achieve the "wanted" change or goal. Once you've changed your habit or have begun to work on your goal, you won't need to reward yourself as often. As an example, if your goal is to get to work on time, reward yourself with your favorite coffee or tea when you get to work on time. "Rewards are important because when you stop the old behavior you won't get that all important dopamine surge; the reward will give it instead. Over time, your brain will start to associate this new, positive behavior with the dopamine surge coming from the reward."  - Sarah Pavey
  6. Involve Others
    One of the best things you can do is tell others, that you trust, that you are trying to change a certain habit. Have them help you hold "you" accountable, day by day, if that helps you. Better yet, have them join you. The more people we involve the easier it is, and let's face it, it's also more fun. If your spouse or BFF does not want to change that particular habit, ask them to help you with accountability or ask other folks to partake with you.
  7. Track Your Progress
    I use an app that I absolutely love and it's called Productive. It's also free. I just type in the goal(s) that I want to work on and I set the frequency and it reminds me when I need to complete my goal. It's also beautiful being able to check off the goal that I completed. If you do not have anyone to hold you accountable, this app will do that for you.
  8. Replace The Habit
    It's great to begin to set a goal of breaking a habit, but the most important thing is learning to replace it with a positive habit. If it's nail biting you are having difficulty with then paint your nails. Most people don't bite their nails if they are beautifully manicured. If eating unhealthy foods at a certain spot in your home/work causes your overeating, say on a specific couch, then change the association with that couch.

    Sit somewhere else or only allow yourself to partake in other activities, besides eating, when you sit on "that" couch. If you eat as a way to avoid feeling certain emotions, then it may be time to get down and dirty and actually feel your emotions. You don't have to do this alone. You can call a trusted friend or seek the help of a counselor. You get the idea? Great! Now go kick your habit in the ass and allow yourself to replace those nasty habits!

I hope these tips serve you well. Let me know how you have changed your habits below. I would love to hear from you.





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How To Cultivate Resiliency

We have all been there. A break-up, a death of a loved one, a loss of a job, a health scare, or being in a job that just sucks the energy out of you. Some people, though, are able to bounce back with what seems like ease while others still have trouble years later. The beauty, however, is that resiliency can be learned. Yes, even now.

I have been in jobs that were full of toxic people, bullies, dark clouds of negative energy and low morale. I would come home crying and my moods were all over the place. I ate junk and stopped exercising because I just didn’t have the energy. I developed health issues as a result, but for some reason I still stayed. Why? I felt I couldn’t do better. I thought I couldn’t get a better job. I didn’t want to leave the security I had of working in a position where I would be set for life and get paid well. What I didn’t know then was that I had better things in store for me. I just couldn’t get myself out of the way for it to happen.

Here are some ways you may be able to work through your tough time.

1. Allow yourself to feel

I see this all the time in my practice and have also experienced this myself. I would shove things inside and act as if it did not exist. If the problem was not acknowledged then it wasn’t true. This could be further from the truth. If you do not allow yourself to feel that anger, hurt, sadness, or pain, you are only going to sit in it longer. The key here is to learn from your experience and then move on. We don’t want to stay in that anger but you do want to give it a voice so that you can move through it and not over it.

2. Release the victim role

This can be a tough one. Being honest and open with yourself is important here however. Do you tend to blame others for your misfortune? Do you give yourself excuses for why you do not do what you need to do? Take ownership of your situation and how you got to be where you are. In my case, I allowed the bullying to continue by not speaking up for myself. It did not change until I gave myself the power to change it. I took control of what I could control. Once I had, it stopped.

3. Forgive

Forgiveness can be very challenging. One of the reasons for this is because we feel that if we forgive those that hurt us we are condoning the behavior and sending the message that it is okay. When I was bullied in my workplace I felt hate and resentment towards this person. All I could do was talk ill about this individual. It consumed my mind. As I worked on forgiving and letting go, the emotions I felt when thinking of this person, were no longer attached. Of course it feels easier not to forgive, but, what we are actually doing is holding ourselves hostage. If you harbor bitterness in your heart, you are the one holding onto it, not the other person. Forgiveness takes time but allowing yourself to go through the process allows you to heal and move forward. Write about it, talk about it. That’s how you start. Feel it, learn from it, and then move on.

4. Pay attention to your self-talk

Pay attention to how you talk to yourself. Are you always telling yourself that you are terrible, that you don’t deserve good things, or that life is hard? Talking to yourself this way will only keep you there. Focus your attention on positive thoughts. Thoughts become reality. Speak to yourself the way you want to be spoken to regardless of whether you believe it or not. Your new way of thinking will become your current way of thinking. You were not born thinking negatively, it was learned. Therefore it can be unlearned.

5. Visualize yourself getting better

Feel it, See it, Hear it! Yes, it’s that simple. Every night I would verbalize how grateful I was to have all that I had (what I had and what I wanted to bring to fruition). There is no concept of time when it comes to the universe and manifesting. Act as if you already have what you want and notice how it comes into your life. It may come in the a loss of a job, which seems terrifying at first, but that is most likely opening the door to a better job or career. You just don’t know it yet. Staying positive during the transition is a must. Keep your energy high. Another tool that I have been using has come through my training in hypnotherapy. I tell myself, every night, “Every day, in every way, I am better and better”. What you are doing is working with your subconscious mind and retraining your brain. It really works.

6. Surround yourself with positive people

Isolating is probably one of the worst things you can do. (This is very different from detaching to recharge – the key word here is recharge.) The more you isolate from others the more you are in your thoughts. This only gives you more room to dwell on how bad you think things are. Develop strong and supportive relationships – both in your professional and personal life. Ditch the negative relationships. If you surround yourself with negative people you will think the way they do. If you are able, also get yourself out of the toxic environment you are in. The more room you give to releasing negativity, the more you have to allow positivity in. It’s like cleaning out your closet.

7. Ask for help and help others

Sometimes we are too ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help. We think it means we have failed. So, if we don’t ask for help, no-one knows and our pride doesn't get hurt, right? Wrong! Ask for help!! Not only do you give others permission to help themselves but you also get help with what you are facing. This helps us realize that we are not alone. You can also turn to service work. What’s fascinating about this is that as you help others you help yourself. When you help others you come from a place of sincerity and you begin to notice good things happening to you. You also get out of your head. This is the road to success.

8. Reward yourself and focus on the present

Do small things each day and congratulate yourself for making those changes. Maybe your goal is to have your own business someday. How do you get there? You get there by taking small steps along the way and congratulating yourself for those small steps. Also, make sure to live in the present moment. Often times, I see folks living in the future. It’s great to have a future goal, but when you live there, it does not become reality. In fact, you create stress for yourself by living in the future. Instead create your future goal(s) by writing a list of what you want to manifest and then work backwards from there. What can you do, each day, to get yourself to that future goal? This is how you live in the present. You will realize you are where you want to be faster than you thought you would be.

You have all the power to change things for yourself. You can do it, just believe in yourself! Remember, you are not alone.

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What The Heck Am I Thinking?

“It is not in the learning of something new that we discover our true identity, it is the unlearning of what we believe to be true that has us realize the truth of who we already are. In this realization we access peace and self empowerment for thriving with and through illness.”

We have all been programmed to have certain belief systems that are, well…not so good, whether it be “don’t trust others”, “you’ll never be good enough”, or “you have to work really, really, really hard to move forward in life”. These have either been told to us throughout our lives (most likely from childhood) or they have been compounded with a series of events that happen to us over and over again. Or so we think…

One thing that I always ask my clients when I see a belief system that may not be serving them well is where this belief system came from. Once we are able to see the “where”, and are now aware that this belief system may not be the best ever, we can begin to work on it. Now, is this a right or wrong issue? No. However, if your current belief system is not allowing you to move forward in life and keeps you stuck then maybe it’s time for a change, no?

So, as an example, if your belief is that you cannot trust others, are you only seeing events that prove you right? So, in other words, are you missing all those events where you have trusted someone and they did not break your trust? BUT, because you are filtered to only see that trust will always be broken you continue to validate this thought pattern. You continue to prove yourself right. My next question is, how is that working for you? If you are feeling as though you are alone or are feeling lonely then I am guessing this belief is not working very well for you. How can we let love in (which is what you may be seeking) if you are closed off? It doesn’t flow in or out…

If your belief system is working for you then good for you. You have mastered something that most of us cannot. If it is not working for you, where do you start? One thing for sure is that you do not start to blame others as these beliefs have most likely been passed down from generation to generation, and if you don’t know it’s a negative belief then there cannot be change. This is where, as an adult, you can now take ownership of your thoughts and question if your beliefs are helping or hurting you. You also begin to break the cycle. Guess what happens when you break the cycle? You do not pass this on to your own children.

Is this easy to do? Sometimes. However, most of the time it will take work as it took time for your current belief system to develop to what it is today, but it CAN be done. It begins with acceptance. Just accepting the fact that your thought pattern or belief system is not working for you allows you to “own it” and then “change it”. It allows you to become open to other ways of thinking and looking at the world just a bit differently – more open. As some people can be trusted, and it does not always take super hard work to get to where you want to be in life, and you are most definitely good enough. It is not all or nothing, grays do exist. You have all the power here!

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When To Zip Your Lip!

Sometimes the best response is no response. In not responding with anger towards someone who expects us to get angry we do not allow ourselves to be wrapped up into their negativity – which only escalates things right? We also set boundaries with them by saying “I will not allow you to make me feel enraged as I have control over my reactions, you do not”. This is the hidden message.

Don’t get me wrong, feeling angry is a normal emotion, as any other emotion we may feel, however, what happens when we become angry is what we want to watch out for. Our reactions. If someone provokes you so that you become enraged remember that this is their crap, not yours, and the best response is most likely no response.

One of my favorite quotes: “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”.

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Are You Broken?

You are never broken! When you decide to give yourself what you feel others cannot give you, you begin to notice extreme shifts. The sadness, the pain, the anger, or the loss you carry around just falls off. It all goes away in an instant. You just need to be willing to give to the person that needs it the most. That person is you.

Whether someone took your love and did not return it or you opened up to someone and trust was broken – please know that this is their junk and not yours. What they did to you or how they treated you was not about you but all to do with them.

When we are hurt, we naturally close ourselves off to the world to protect ourselves but what we don’t realize is that we are also closing ourselves off to love, opportunities, and happiness. What we all seek.

So what do you do? Continue to let love in and allow yourself to vibrate on a higher plane as you give yourself that love that was not returned or trust that was broken. It comes from within. Once you realize that this comes from within everything else naturally falls into place.

Why will everything naturally fall into place? Because when you love yourself for who you are, rather than seeking it elsewhere, you will realize that you are already loved, that you are important, that you are worth it and that you will achieve what you want In life because no-one can stop you.

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