Let your past become your magic, not your oppressor.

I had a conversation with someone a few weeks ago about the anger they held toward a parent for something that was done in the past.

Here was my response...

"This may or may not annoy you - but let it soak in and just hear me out.

There comes a time where we have to become the ruler and creator of our own lives and break away from the stories that keep us hostage to our past.

It’s your choice. To stay in it or leave in behind.

Each time you speak of it, whether to your friends, family, or even your therapist, begin to allow yourself to let go of those old stories.

Little by little, let go of the attachments to them. Such as you’re owed an apology or an explanation. Because the truth is - you’re not. You're not owed anything in this life. Ouch. I know. It may feel good but it's not necessary for healing to take place. Nor is forgiveness.

Let go of the expectation you have around needing something before you can move on. All you need is you. You don’t need permission. The permission lies within you.

You are the creator of you current reality. This is where you are now. In the present moment. Own your power and move mountains.

And even though it may seem completely contradictory right now, forgive yourself and your past.

Then express gratitude. For you are who you because of your past.

Your passion, kindness, compassion and your gifts have been awakened because of your experiences.

This doesn’t mean what happened to you was ok, but it has happened, and now it’s about it becoming your magic and not your oppressor." 

The harder you try, the more you will fail at it. Here's why.

It’s heartbreaking to see how many beautiful souls walk around feeling unloved.

Do you see it too?

You can see it in their eyes. The eyes tell you everything.

Perhaps this is you too.

So many of us spend every waking moment trying to fit in, be seen, feel heard, and just be loved.

The constant voices in our heads don’t let us move forward. We hear “you’re not good enough”, “ you need to work harder”, or “you won’t be accepted anyway”.

The worst one of them all is “you don’t deserve it”.

These voices so easily become second nature and convince you that you’re unlovable, right?

It sends you to this sad but familiar place.

It tortures you.

It mocks you.

It blames you.

It keeps you stuck.

Then the cycle perpetuates.

For just about all of us it comes from childhood.

It became “real” that moment you felt left out, hurt, abandoned, bullied, or abused in some way.

It became ingrained the next time something similar occurred.

So you now try even harder to feel loved by others in an effort to escape the void that was created when you were just a child.

You try harder to climb up to the top because you think that’ll do it.

You try harder to put yourself out there because you think it’ll get you seen.

You try harder to appear perfect because you think it’ll bring you the love you seek.

You see, love, it doesn’t work that way.

The harder you try, the more you will fail at it.

The void needs to be filled by you. Nothing and no-one outside of you will do.

That’s why the new job doesn’t make you happy anymore.

That’s why the person you’re dating doesn’t make you happy anymore.

That’s why that new toy you bought for yourself doesn’t make you happy anymore.

You keep looking outside of yourself.

What you so deeply desire is already within you.

You already have the love you seek.

Feel into your heart right now.

Place your hands on your heart and just feel into it. Notice the warmth, the acceptance, the happiness, and the love.

Allow it to radiate throughout the rest of your body.

Do you feel that?

That’s what you’ve been seeking.

You already have it within you.

You’re already good enough.

You’re already seen.

You’re already accepted.

You’re already loved.

Simply because you exist.

I’m so glad you do.