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Inner Child Healing Meditation Virtual Call


* Are you wanting to connect with your guides, higher self, and the angels?

* Are you ready to cut cords of codependency?

* Are you needing to find better ways to bring in more love?

* Are you ready to achieve true forgiveness?

* Are you completely done with addictive patterns, stress, and depression?

* Are you looking to create a deep spiritual and meditative practice?

* Are you ready to amp up your self care and come into a place of pure joy and bliss?

Let me show you how you can achieve all of this through various teachings, higher steps to transformation, angelic energy healing, hypnotherapy and AMAZING healing meditations.

The capabilities that a sacred space offers for the rising of our own paths, for the divine feminine, and for the beautiful expression of our voices and inner truths is quite magical.

I have been envisioning a sacred space where all faces of the Goddess exist in one place.

A space free of judgement that includes various practices; where we can all hold space and intention for our own highest potential and the potential of our sisters. My vision is to hold such a space for you.


Here's what a few goddesses had to say!

This circle has been such a life changing experience for me! I have been able to connect with like minded, wonderful women in a peaceful & loving environment. In only two months of coming and connecting with these amazing women I have learned to believe in myself and others, let go, and most importantly to trust. I truly can’t thank you enough Lissette for putting this beautiful circle together each month!
— Diane
Lissette has a way of explaining things in a way that I just get. Her meditations are truly powerful. I feel so at peace afterwards.
— Nancy
I feel so much calmer. I can breathe now. It’s like something just lifted.
— Kim

What exactly is embracing your inner spark?

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* Explore and embody the divine feminine

* Delve deep into your inner knowing

* Set intentions and bring ideas into manifestation (during new moon circles)

* Release all that no longer serves you

* Begin or deepen your meditative practice

* Be fully wrapped in compassion, love and acceptance

* Allow transformations to occur

* Celebrate all that you are, right here in this present moment!

Together, we will be igniting the Divine Feminine, Global Sisterhood, and Inner Peace!

No previous meditation or women’s circle experience is needed - come exactly as you are.

These virtual calls will serve as a container for support, positive encouragement, and a safe learning environment to deepen your individual path. This sacred space will help you deepen your own practices, align you with your own divine feminine power, and work to bring your gifts to life. There is no limit to what can be achieved when we create this type of energy in our lives.

            INVESTMENT/REGISTRATION: $22 per call.
**Please note you are not officially registered until payment has been made**

This event is nonrefundable upon purchase.