The kind of Magic that…

  • Effortlessly draws people to you

  • Elevates everyone around you

  • And has others secretly wanting to be you

    It’s time to say goodbye to your past, hello to your magic, and HELL YES to your wildly successful future.

    Let me help you clear the path

Kristi Snyder

"I felt instant relief and ended up rocking my speaking gig!”

”Lissette is absolutely amazing!! I booked a session with her when I was suffering from back pain and an intense fear of public speaking. She intuitively knew exactly what I needed to heal - she even sensed where my pain was before I told her. After our work together, I felt instant relief and I ended up rocking my speaking gig! Lissette is so patient, encouraging and incredibly gifted. If you're looking for deep physical and emotional healing, she's your girl!"

Life Coach

Danielle Mercurio.jpg

"She's fun, honest, brilliant, and totally tapped in. Just one session brought me a lifetime of healing and for such I'll always be grateful!”

“Lissette is an incredible psychotherapist, coach, and healer. Plus, she's total badass and a sweet friend. We set up a time to talk right away after an incident I encountered. She grounded me back into my body and allowed me to understand why I was triggered from the incident and what subconscious wound had been re-surfaced. I can't praise her work enough!"

International Speaker, Astrologist, & Mindset Coach
Host of Curiously Confident Podcast


"For over 30 years I lived in fear, and now I finally feel free thanks to Lissette.”

“I reached out to see if Lissette could help me with a phobia I had since I was a toddler. It had gotten worse over the years and was affecting how I lived my life. When I spoke to Lissette, I was fearful to even share my phobia because most people did not respond to it as a valid fear. Lissette was so empathetic when hearing my story and why I was fearful of it. She made me feel safe in sharing and acknowledged that my fear was valid. I loved that she spent time with me to learn about how I acquired this phobia before moving forward with our session.

Lissette led me through her process and was so great at telling me what I should expect before we got started. I felt like a weight had lifted after our work together and now it's a non-event. Lissette also followed up with me just to check in and make sure that the healing had integrated. I seriously cannot thank Lissette enough for helping me to shift my energy and change my story around this."




I help women, like you, Drop Fears and struggles as they boldly step into their dream life.

I carried guilt and shame for years until I decided enough was enough. I kept dark stories hidden that haunted me in ways I didn't even realize at the time. I played small. I feared shining my light. I hid behind several addictions and limiting ways of thinking.

But I was a fighter. A survivor. I never gave up, and I put in the work. And I’m here to help you do the same!