I’m not your traditional therapist, life coach, or business coach. I’m not your traditional healer or yoga teacher either.

I do things very differently. And it works.

Perhaps you’ve seen several therapists and coaches, but they weren’t spiritual or didn’t understand the importance of making decisions guided by your intuition. Most coaches and therapists try to fit clients into a box and give everyone the same strategy. But you need more than that.

Or maybe you’ve worked with healers who weren't very grounded and just couldn’t offer the practical steps you needed to actually bring something into fruition. Again, leaving you with needing more.

How awesome would it be to have a psychotherapist, coach, yoga teacher, and healer who supported all aspects of your life?

Someone who can help you release years worth of traumas and dramas, attract relationships where you feel loved and supported, and provide you with the necessary steps toward your dream career or project.

If you’re looking for that kind of healer/coach/teacher, then we have to chat!

Lissette LaRue. Healing From Within

I’ll help you bring the joy and laughter back into your life as you say goodbye to the traumas and dramas that have long dictated your life and impact your relationships and business.

I’ll help you get rid of the social anxiety that keeps you from getting on stage, to share your message, and drawing people to you for more.

I’ll help you say goodbye to childhood wounds that keep showing up every time your boss yells at you or your partner makes that one comment.

I’ll also help you get clear on what your purpose and passion is in life and help you understand how it might connect to a past life.

My approach is holistic. Your sessions are tailored to your specific needs. And…

I combine everything I’ve learned over the past 13 years so you get an experience that’s incomparable to what anyone else is offering.

Elevate & Radiate Package

Let's do a quick exercise...

Imagine seeing yourself asking for what you want and receiving it with full confidence. Being in a state of ease and flow, where you're in your power daily, not just one day out of the week or month. Where people stop and listen to you, soaking it all up, wanting more. Imagine elevating people around you just by your presence and having opportunities fall on your lap instead of having to chase for it.

Imagine being asked by friends and family what you're doing, because all of a sudden... you're confident, powerful, able to speak up with ease, and deeply connected to self. See yourself living in full abundance - attracting everything you desire and more with ease. Knowing and owning your vision of what you want to achieve in this lifetime.

Amazing, right?

What you just pictured is not a fairytale. It's your reality if you let it be.

In fact, it's your birthright to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and living in full-blown freedom. Life is NOT about living in struggle. Through our personalized work together, you will confidently OWN your magic and live it.

Together we will help you…
* Say goodbye to restrictive patterns, habits, or phobias keeping you stuck
* Heal from traumatic experiences and move beyond heavy karmic complexes
* Recover from and stop attracting abusive and toxic relationships
* Get closure on old break-up(s) and improve existing relationships
* Understand your karma and life lessons
* Break the cycle of addiction and its associations
* Develop your own spiritual practice
* Heal the relationship with yourself and your body
* Experience transformational healing

…so that the above becomes your reality!

* 12 session package
* Unlimited access to me, during our coaching together, for whatever you need
* Tools for immediate use in between sessions

* Free access to monthly healing meditation calls offered during our coaching together ($150+ Value)
* Discounts on future programs (priceless)

Some clients are saying...

“Lissette's coaching sessions are magical! If you want to go deep into your body and heal your past hurts, but maybe you don't want to talk it to death, this is the most amazing way to do that. I always feel like I got a massage afterward. But that's not the magic part. The magic happens after, when you realize you put down a heavy burden that you've been carrying around for years. When you realize that the space in your body that held a big chunk of self-loathing now holds beautiful golden light.

I've had a few sessions recently dealing with some pretty difficult stuff, and suddenly it's like the world is opening up because I am opening up to the world. Case in point: I got an email from the gym where I signed up to substitute teach, asking me if I could take a yoga class there for a long-term sub, which is so exciting. And THEN I saw that the meditation I uploaded to Insight Timer got posted and people are listening to it and giving me such nice reviews and feedback. It's like everything is just magically falling into place all of a sudden.

I feel so much lighter and so much more aware of my feelings. Even when I'm not doing the best job being in touch with myself, I know it. I know when I'm not doing the work, or when I'm hiding my sadness in a piece of cake. And I know how to get back on track without beating myself up about it, because, after all these years of hating myself, I kind of like me now.”



“After making the same mistakes in life again and again I decided enough was enough and sought out Lissette. Through a mix of several approaches, Lissette is far too spiritually advanced to be considered traditional, I am currently living my best life yet! Her honest, call you out on your self destructive behavior is refreshing, effective, and healing. With Lissette's gentle guidance, I have been able to heal the old hurts that I didn't even completely realize were influencing my reactions today. Now I find myself more relaxed, centered, even keeled and just in general happier than I ever have been.”


My signature methodology is tailored to specifically meeting your needs and uses a variety of practices including:

  • Psychotherapy

  • Trauma Healing Work

  • Life Coaching

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Past Life Regression

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Energy Healing (Integrated Energy Therapy®)

  • Bodywork

  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

  • Connecting With Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors

  • Chakra Balancing, Alignment, and Strengthening

  • Soul Star Clearing for Life Purpose Evolvement

  • 12 Strand DNA Alignment

  • Oracle Card Readings

  • Mindset and Subconscious Healing and Retraining

  • Manifesting Exercises

  • And more!

Kerissa Kuis

"Literally in one hour she helped me release years of blocked emotions!”

“Lissette is one of the most powerful healers I ever had the privilege of working with! Her monthly healing meditation calls are beyond powerful and exactly what I needed at the time. In addition, I worked with her privately to work through old traumas and pain that held me back in my business and personal life. She is a genius in her field. I loved her work so much that I had her as guest speaker for my school and all of my students were mind-blown by her. She is a wealth of knowledge and her work is exactly what the world needs. I highly recommend her work."

International Business Consultant
Coach Trainer
President of The University of Wellness

Walk away from our work…

  • Having healed past wounds, self destructive behaviors, and addictions

  • Fully knowing who you are and what you want in life

  • With the ability to speak your truth and have others listen

  • Having connected to your inner child and healing her

  • Having freed past and future generations from traumas

  • With some serious self love and self compassion

  • Having lost excess weight your body held onto for safety

  • With clear action steps on how to cultivate emotional, mental, and physical freedom in your life

  • Feeling lighter, brighter, confident, and radiant

  • and so much more!

This Is For You If…

  • You’re ready to release your past

  • You’re willing, motivated, and ready to make a change

  • You like to learn about yourself

  • You’re open to new ideas and trying new things to achieve deep healing

  • You have an idea or know what you want to work on or achieve

  • You know you have to do the work outside of our sessions

  • You understand change may take time and may not always be immediate

  • You can laugh at your mistakes and can see the lessons within them

  • You’re spiritual or are open to spiritual concepts

  • You’re ready to create massive success in all areas of your life

Ashley Watson

"If you are looking for someone magical to help you create changes in your life... look no further because you found her!”

“All healers need a healer and Lissette is second to none! She is incredibly kind, loving and compassionate. She is so supportive with whatever you are experiencing or going through and has a wide range of modalities and experience to help you move through your perceive limitations about yourself and your body. I have had a couple of healing sessions in the past and didn't feel much, but when Lissette worked her magic, I could feel the shifts and releases in my energy. Sessions with her have changed my life for the better and I am so grateful that the Universe brought us together. Now I have someone I know I can call upon anytime! Thank you Lissette!"

Love and Relationship Coach

Other clients are saying...

Lissette, I can’t thank you enough! I’m amazed at the results!!! I did exactly what you said and WOW what a difference from the past! I used my throat chakra where I would have normally shrugged my feelings off and eaten them. It was so smooth and I didn’t wait until I was angry. I’m ever so grateful for what you’ve done and the help you provided me during our work together!”


“Wow! I cannot thank Lissette enough for the relaxation I now feel every day. I have never felt so calm and relaxed. It is an amazing feeling! I feel like a brand new person! We all have ups and downs in our lives, but remaining calm in stressful situations is the way to go and Lissette can help!”


“It was such a pleasure to work with Lissette. It truly was an amazing experience for me. I did not know what to expect, or how powerful it would be, and my experience was empowering. I have felt myself release unnecessary ties to the past. I have felt the sense of relief and I am still trying to take everything in. It has become clear to meet the habits I need to get rid of and those I need to build. I am so grateful for the experience!”


“I can’t thank Lissette enough for all the help she provided me during my time with her. After our sessions, I have never felt so relieved and at peace with myself. I know deep down that I am myself again after all this time. At first, I was embarrassed to say that I was seeing someone for help, but after our time, I highly recommend it to everyone! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It truly was amazing and will help heal the mind and body.”



Do you feel your soul stirring right now?
Whispering, “Yes, this is what I’ve been searching for!”